Meetings at the Lakeside

It is vital that everyone within an organization stays up to speed and keeps adjusting their course. Triggering (behavioural) changes, remains a complicated process. Often meetings outside the office are needed to get colleagues out of their comfort zones. What about a day near the water? A ‘water day’, with instantaneous inspiration because of our location. You can combine your meeting with a sporty nautical activity, to develop some fresh new insights. Or have a brainstorming sessions while your feet are paddling in the water. Sometimes a wave of change needs to be created, to make everybody ready to change course!

The ‘Wijde Blik’ inspires creativity

Conference rooms of Ottenhome do not have the latest electronical gadgets. Of course they are standardly equipped with a beamer, white screen and flip over. Maybe far more important: all our rooms feature daylight and/or a view on the water. For lunch there are many options: inside, outside or on board of a boat. Finish your day with a 3 course dinner or tapas on a sunny terrace on the lakeside.

Training, brainstorming sessions or workshops

Simply tell us what you would like and when you want to come: we will get back to you with some surprising and affordable propositions. However, you can also be the captain and tell us every detail of the perfect day you imagined. In case you have an idea we do not offer yet, let us know. We always get back to you within 24 hours. If this is not the case the mailing might have gone wrong, please give us a call: 035 – 58 2 33 31.

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